We all have very busy lives and it’s obvious that many people get frustrated when they get stuck driving behind a cyclist. Contrary to what many might think, that cyclist has their rights on the road. Of course, cyclists must follow the rules of the road like any vehicle but it is important for motorists to treat bicycles equally.

Cars And Bikes Sharing The Road

In Ohio, it’s required that bicyclists should obey all traffic rules applicable to vehicles, riding as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable, and exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. However, this is not required if the near edge is unreasonable or unsafe to do this.

Unfortunately, many drivers swerve too close to the side of the road towards bikers crossing. This area is designated for the safety of cyclists and when drivers cross over into the lane they might not be looking for bikers and this results in forcing bikers off of the road and if the biker does not see the car veering towards them then this could result in an injury or a fatal crash.

Tips for sharing the road with bicyclists:cyclists

  • Drive Cautiously – Reduce speed when encountering cyclists. Don’t tailgate, especially in bad weather. Recognize hazards cyclists may face and give them space.
  • Yield to Cyclists – Bicycles are considered vehicles. Cyclists should be given the appropriate right of way. Allow extra time for cyclists to traverse intersections.
  • Be Considerate – Scan for cyclists in traffic and at intersections. Do not blast your horn in close proximity to cyclists. Look for cyclists when opening doors.
  • Pass with Care – When passing, leave four feet between you and a cyclist. Wait for safe road and traffic conditions before you pass. Check over your shoulder before moving back.
  • Watch for Children – Children on bicycles are often unpredictable. Expect the unexpected and slow down. Don’t expect children to know biking traffic laws. Because of their size children can be harder to see.


Ohio Law – Driving, Cycling, And Safety

The road is for both cars and cyclists. While turning right, drivers need to look for bikers to the right of them. It’s important to give bikers enough space if you are going to pass them. A little patience could save a life. Wait to pass that cyclist until you have a clear view ahead and are sure there’s no oncoming traffic. Slowing down and being cautious around corners is not only a safe way to drive but you’ll be thankful without the consequences that could happen.

Texting can cause wrecks as well. Taking your hands off of the wheel and your eyes off of the roads for one second puts the lives of anyone on the road in danger.  No matter where you are it’s important that we are obeying these laws and staying mindful of the bikers riding along side of us, behind us, or in front of us.

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