School’s back in! Do you know your local School Zone traffic laws?


Restricted Hours in Ohio

The restricted hours in Ohio are not specific but restricted hours always mean right before school hours and right after school hours, so 7-9AM and 2-4 PM M-F. However, they can also be if there are events at night and even on Weekends.

 ““What I tell people is the lights aren’t the indicator,” Upper Arlington police Chief Brian Quinn said. “The indicator is the children or the buses. If the children are out, you should be going 20.””



Anticipating More Traffic

Be familiar with School Bus etiquette. It can be dangerous with children boarding and exiting a school bus. Their minds are often not focused on other cars and the real world around them when they get off of the bus. This is why it is important that the following rules are in place:

When a bus is stopped:

  1. Both directions of traffic must stop
  2. You can not pass a stopped School bus with their lights on from either direction or if the school bus has it’s door open.

Adjusting Your Commute for the School Year

This is going to add time to your drive but do not get impatient and try to pass a stopped school bus letting kids on and off, you’ll be lucky to only get a ticket if you do not hurt a child.  There’s always the option to avoid that route in the future.

Some route suggestions during the school year:

Falling behind on your route? Check the time and note the street. With the school bus on a schedule, you’ll now know the time and place to avoid during your morning commute.

Monitor your speed. Avoid the risk from added traffic and prevent being involved in an auto accident or injury.

With a little precaution, we can all help lower the number of automobile accidents this school year.


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