custom convertible chrome Bumper

Custom Car and AutomobilePart of the reason I enjoy handling diminished value cases is that I am a car fan.  I love cars of all types.  I enjoy classic American muscle as well as imports, and I like new and vintage cars.  Anything unusual, anything interesting, if it has wheels and an engine I like it.

That is whey I enjoy Cars and Coffee meets so much.  In Dayton they have Cars and Coffee every few weeks.  You can see their webpage here, and you can find their next event on the website.  I would highly recommend going if you enjoy seeing cars of all kinds.  I have included some pics I took at the last meeting.

Saw a lot of Lamborghinis at the last meet as well as some cool vintage Volkswagens.

However, you also see some classic American cars from all eras.

Remember, if you have a classic, performance, new, used, vintage, or just daily driver has been in an accident that was not your fault.  You may have a diminished value claim, make sure and ask the insurance company for the at fault party to reimburse you for this.  If they give you a hard time or refuse to fairly compensate you, call us at McKenzie & Snyder, we can give you a free consultation and might be able to help you.

I will be heading out to the Cincinnati Cars and Coffee at Fuel Coffee soon.  Maybe I will see you at the Dayton or Cincinnati meets.