distracted driving prevention appsDo you have a teen getting ready to venture out onto the open road for the first time? Even if they’re aware of the perils of distracted driving, it can be truly difficult to convince even experienced adult drivers to follow a few preventable guidelines, let alone the initiate motorist.

Have you ever wanted to use the same cellular technology for the side of good? Luckily, there are ways. Here are some apps to prevent distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Prevention Apps

1. AT&T Drive Mode

  • Helps avoid driving accidents with the ability to silence alerts and incoming calls
  • Automatically notifies the caller or text sender that the recipient is currently driving
  • Allows you to respond to messages hands-free
  • Turns itself on when the vehicle reached 15 miles per hour
  • Parents are automatically alerted when functions are turned off

2. LifeSaver

  • Automatically detects driving via GPS to block phone use on the road
  • Alerts specified people automatically when you arrive to inform it’s safe to text or call
  • The app’s Driver Portal also allows parents to set up a rewards system for safe driving, a feature also used by commercial fleet managers to monitor their employee drivers’ conduct.

3. True Motion Family

  • Automatically tracks trips and amount of time you drive without distraction
  • Uses a rating scale for your overall drive
  • Specifies exact moments in which you may have been distracted while driving

What Are Some Other Safe Driving Apps?

Apps To Prevent Distracted DrivingBe sure to take a look at the information for each of these to find the right fit for you and your family. Do you have experience with using apps that help with safe driving?

If you know of other good apps that help prevent distractions on the road we’d definitely like to help pass the information along. Please reply below in the comments.


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  1. Where is BsafeMobile? I own this product and the admin feature is incredible! You need to add this to your article.

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