Looking for a way to give back to the community while having a good time? Help raise money to strengthen the educational programs in our community at the 2016 Central Montessori Academy’s Walk- A-Thon in Springfield Township! On Friday, October 7th, CMA will hold its 8th annual Walk-A-Thon with the goal to increase quality educational experiences to diverse economic student bodies.

This Years Walk-A-Thon Goal!

This year’s goal for the Walk-A-Thon is to raise $15,000 and to achieve 100% participation. Ohio Diminished Value is helping sponsor the Central Montessori Academy’s Walk-A-Thon this Friday. If you’d like to help out or be a sponsor there are plenty of opportunities to do so! Your donation is tax deductible.

Make A Difference In The Communities Of Cincinnati

The CMA has been serving young children in Springfield Township since 1978, providing children world-class education, but also nurtures the heart to develop the child’s self-confidence, personal creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Help give back to the Central Montessori Academy by attending the Walk-A-Thon this year with over 100 more families.

Each donation to the CMA makes a difference in the young lives of the children around us. With your donation, the CMA ensures that each child will be exposed to nature and the understanding of how important it is to care for the environment around us. These donations will help build the gardens, agriculture, and other outside science experiences, along with supporting the community and local businesses.

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